Protection Detail

Our Protection Detail is perfect for dirtier vehicles in need of more attention – ideal for family cars!

Our Protection Detail is perfect for more dirty vehicles in need of need more attention and is ideal for families with young children who want to protect the interior from stains and spills, making it easier to clean and maintain the vehicle. This package is also suitable for any vehicle in need of some extra attention, protection and to make your vehicle look like new for longer. 

We utilise deep cleaning techniques such as steam cleaning and shampoo machines to ensure a first-class service. We sanitise and fully protect both interior and exterior, with a six month protection guarantee included as standard. 

We recommend booking your vehicle in every 4 or 8 weeks to maintain this service, keeping your vehicle looking like new for longer.

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Our Protection Detail includes:


  • Full vacuum of seats, carpets, boot and floor mats
  • All interior trim deep-clean brushed
  • Seats shampooed (deep cleaned on leather)
  • Carpets and boot shampooed
  • Windows cleaned
  • Choice of air freshener to finish.


Includes 6 months guaranteed interior protection on all plastics, fabrics and leather. 


  • Pre-treat/snow foam
  • 2 bucket safe exterior valet
  • Wheel faces deep cleaned to remove heavy brake dust
  • 6 months wheel wax applied to faces
  • Fallout contamination chemically removed
  • Clay bar to remove baked-on contamination, also making the paint feel smooth
  • 6 months guaranteed paint protection wax
  • Door jambs cleaned
  • Wheel arches dressed
  • Plastics waxed using a specialist wax lasting 4-6 weeks
  • Tyre dressing to finish.
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