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Exterior Detail

Exterior detail including clay bar and 6 months protection as standard.

Our exterior detail is perfect for those who want more of a refined, detailed finish and adds wax protection for extra protection, glossy sheen and hydrophobic properties.

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Our Exterior Detail includes:

  • Pre-treat/snow foam
  • 2 bucket safe exterior valet
  • Wheel faces deep cleaned to remove heavy brake dust
  • 6 months wheel wax applied to faces
  • Fallout contamination chemically removed
  • Clay bar to remove baked-on contamination, also making the paint feel smooth
  • 6 months guaranteed paint protection wax
  • Door jambs cleaned
  • Wheel arches dressed
  • Plastics waxed using a specialist wax lasting 4-6 weeks
  • Tyre dressing to finish.
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Ceramic / Paint Correction


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Exterior Extras

Our Exterior Extras can be added to any exterior valet or package. Please contact us for further details.

Engine Bay Detail

COST – £40
We safely degrease the engine bay to get rid of old oil and built-up grime. We add a dressing to leave your engine looking like new. 


COST – £15
This is perfect to make your exhaust tip look brand new again. We safely remove tar spots and polish to a high, better than showroom shine.