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Our Suppliers

We have spent many years perfecting the range of products that we use. We only use the best products available, and strongly believe that our customers deserve the best quality possible. We spend a lot of time researching and networking with the industry, including training days and trials, to ensure the best result, every time.

Our Suppliers

Detailed Online

Car Chem / Valeting Products

Detailed Online is the primary supplier of all our chemicals. 

We also sell a handful of their products directly to our customers. 

Detailed Online is a small business based in West Yorkshire, with all products manufactured in the UK, PH neutral and acid-free.



We use Ultimaxx for all of our ceramic coatings and some maintenance products. 

Ultimaxx offer a range of different coatings; here at MCC we use their trade and accredited 3 year ceramic, 5 year self-healing and their interior coatings. Ultimaxx are a UK company based in Blackburn. 


Kranzle Aquaspray

We use Aquaspray for our main equipment. Kranzle also provide an excellent servicing facility, helping to keep our detailing equipment in top shape.

Kranzle is the leading detailing equipment supplier in the world, used by most detailers, and is a brand we are proud to use. 



We use FibreKing for all of our microfibre towels. FibreKing are big in motorsports and sponsor many teams. They are a UK company offering high-end towels, meaning we can provide a scratch-free finish to your vehicle. 

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