3 Year Ceramic

Perfect for new or high-end vehicles and show cars, with one of the hardest-wearing protections available.

Our 3 year Ceramic Coating is perfect for new cars, high end vehicles and show cars.

With specialist coatings for paintwork, wheels, plastic trim and glass which offers amazing hydrophobics, 3 year Ceramic offers protection against:

  • Light swirl marks caused by improper washing
  • Bird deposits
  • Insects
  • General road grime. 

Our 3 year Ceramic Coating comes in at a hardness rating of 9h, making it one of the strongest protections available on the market.  

The interior of the vehicle also gets a full ceramic coating on the plastics and leather (when required) to protect against:

  • UV
  • Stains
  • Sticky marks
  • Germs.

Fabric seats, floor mats and carpets are also protected using a specialist stain guard protection which helps protect against food and drink spillages.

So what is a ceramic coating?

A ceramic coating is stronger than a traditional wax which only lasts 3-9 months and only offers basic protection. A ceramic lasts years and offers another invisible layer of protection to paintwork. 

It’s not a miracle product that you put on your vehicle and never have to wash again, however, it does make the wash process much quicker and easier and also gives the paintwork more gloss. 

The interior coating is specialised and actually protects the plastics, unlike a silicone dressing which just makes the surface look good but can still be susceptible to sticky marks and leaves an overly glossy finish.  Our ceramic leaves a matt satin finish. The ceramic coating will prevent leather from drying out and cracking, meaning you do not need to recondition the leather every few months.

For upkeep after the application of a ceramic coating, only a basic range of products are needed which you can purchase from us. We also offer a regular maintenance plan to keep your ceramic in top form. 

We would also recommend a ceramic top-up every 12 months which will help with the protection and maintenance (if you maintain the coating yourself).

Get in contact to find out more.

OUR 3 Year Ceramic INCLUDES:


  • Full vacuum of seats, carpets, boot and floor mats
  • All interior trim deep-clean brushed
  • Seats shampooed (deep cleaned on leather)
  • Carpets and boot shampooed
  • Headliner steam-cleaned
  • Windows cleaned
  • Choice of air freshener to finish.

Includes 3 year guaranteed interior protection on all fabrics and leather.


  • Pre-treat/snow foam
  • 2 bucket safe exterior valet
  • Wheel faces deep cleaned to remove heavy brake dust
  • 3 year ceramic applied to wheel faces
  • 12 months wheel wax applied to faces
  • Engine bay cleaned and dressed
  • Fallout contamination chemically removed
  • Clay bar to remove baked-on contamination, also making the paint feel smooth
  • Door jambs cleaned
  • 1-stage machine polish to enhance paintwork, working to remove light swirl marks and leaving the vehicle with an extra shine
  • 3 year ceramic coating applied to paintwork, glass and exterior plastics
  • Wheel arches dressed
  • Tyre dressing to finish.

Ceramic Extras

Our Ceramic Extras can be added to any Ceramic. Please contact us for further details.

2 Stage Correction

COST – £50
Add more gloss and remove even more imperfections from your paint work, for an even smoother, shinier finish.

3 Stage Correction

COST – £75
Adds even more gloss and removes around 95% of imperfections from paint work, making your vehicle look better than new. Our 3 stage includes:

  • Cutting with a wool pad
  • Medium finish with heavy foam pad
  • Pure compound applied with a soft foam pad.


Each stage uses different-sized pads and machines for access to tighter areas for an amazing result.

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