Basic Exterior Valet

A step above a quick car cash, our Basic Exterior Valet includes 3 month protection as standard.

Our basic exterior valet is more than just a quick car wash: we go above and beyond by making sure the paint isn’t just clean but shines better than new by adding up to 3 months protection. We use a 2 bucket safe wash to make sure our wash mitt stays as clean and dirt free as possible. 

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Our Basic Exterior Valet includes:

  • Pre-treat/ snow foam
  • 2-bucket safe exterior valet
  • Wheels cleaned to remove surface brake dust
  • Up to 3 month’s paint protection
  • Blow and towel dry
  • Exterior windows cleaned
  • Door jambs cleaned
  • Wheel arches and plastics dressed
  • Tyre dressing to finish
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Ceramic / Paint Correction


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Exterior Extras

Our Exterior Extras can be added to any exterior valet or package. Please contact us for further details.

Engine Bay Detail

COST – £20
We safely degrease the engine bay to get rid of old oil and built-up grime. We add a dressing to leave your engine looking like new. We also check fluid levels and advise you on these (we do not top them up)


COST – £20
This is perfect to make your exhaust tip look brand new again. We safely remove tar spots and polish to a high, better than showroom shine. We also apply a 6 months specialist wax to make your exhaust tip look newer for longer and easier to maintain.


COST – £20
We use a special ceramic enhancement spray to top up your ceramic coating, making it fresh again and giving you 6 months guaranteed extra protection. We recommend doing this before winter.

2 stage correction

COST – from £50
Why not add 2 Stage Correction to our ceramic or enhancement services? This adds a more glossy, luxurious sheen to your paintwork, and also removes more imperfections that otherwise could go undetected.