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MCC Valeting and Detailing was established in September 2018 by Matthew Chapman.

Matthew started cleaning cars at 12 years old, washing and vacuuming his family and neighbours’ cars. He had a passion for doing the best job he could, building his knowledge of products and methods for achieving the best results.

When he was 16 he started working for a local caravan dealership as a valeter, where he learned about the different products needed for different surfaces, building his experience. 

At the age of 18, Matthew decided to start his own valeting and detailing venture. Initially working from the back of a tiny Peugeot 106, he began the daunting task of building a business. His vision wasn’t just driveway detailing: his extensive market research identified a gap in the market for corporate valeting and detailing, serving vehicle fleets and company employees.

Thanks to his initial customers, Matthew built a reputation for excellent service, outstanding attention to detail (pun 100% intended) and a great customer-first work ethic.  

Over the next four years, Matthew bought his very first (second-hand) van, and then his second, fresh-off-the-production-line van, enabling him to carry everything he needs for a full day of valeting, detailing and excellent customer service.

But the story doesn’t end there: Matthew has just leased his very own detailing studio where he’ll be  offering a high specification ceramic coating, wet sand and paint correction service, whilst still maintaining a full mobile valeting and detailing service.

We have also just took on a full time staff member Rick who will be taking over the mobile side of MCC 4 days a week. 

The future is bright for MCC Valeting and Detailing.

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